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Why learn with us?

"Say Hey is the best place to learn English. Before taking classes, I was afraid to speak in English with another person.

However, I got an amazing teacher who gave me the confidence to talk without fear. The instructors are extremely supportive and friendly.

Go ahead and try it!"
Condado, Brazil

"Say Hey is my best opportunity to learn English because the program is dynamic. Each unit have a good varied material and homework.

For me Say Hey is the door to speak, reading, writing and listening the language. I'll continue the classes because my goal is speak English well.

I like to share with my classmates too."
Sto. domingo, dom. republic


Normal Track

For People Who Need Consistent English Practice
$ 75 Monthly
  • Language Partner
  • 4 Video Lessons Per Month
  • 4 Live Webinars Per Month
  • Fun Homework

Fast Track

For People Who Need to Speak English NOW!
$ 133 Monthly
  • Language Partner
  • 8 Video Lessons Per Month
  • 4 Live Webinars Per Month
  • Biweekly Teacher Check-In
  • Fun Homework
Best Value
"Learning English through Say Hey is awesome!

The classes are funny and helpful, the homework is challenging and the teachers are very supportive. I highly recommend it!"

Porto Alegre, Brazil

"I have an excellent English professor with various types of activities. It feels like I'm a new person when I am speaking English.

Recomendo muito e o curso está ajudando muito com meu speaking. Muito obrigado."
Braço do Norte, Brazil