Why Are You Learning English?

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Why are you learning English? Everybody has a different answer. Some of the most common answers are to achieve a higher paying job, make more friends when traveling, or to better enjoy English movies and music.

Remember, you must connect a “why” to your learning and studying. Your “why” will give you motivation to continue learning English when things get hard and challenging!

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Why Are You Learning English?

3 thoughts on “Why Are You Learning English?”

  1. DeidadRosmarie Martinez

    Because English is a universal language and through English I can meet people and others cultures too

  2. Apart from being considered as a basic requirement these days, learn english opens the doors to a wide unexplorable world full of different perspectives, information and opportunities. As a consequence, those who domain the language can take part of it. That’s what motivates me to learn English everyday.

  3. I want to learn English because, I will have new experiences in all world. This will open so much doors for me, and also will be very good to my future carrier.

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