What Is Your English Goal?

Goal Website Post FINAL

1. Share your English Goal with Say Hey’s community here.

2. Check 1 other person’s English Goal using the SMART goal criteria. Did they correctly use each letter? Reply to their comment and tell them if their English Goal is correct or if they need to fix a few things.

So Comment Below – 

What Is Your English Goal?

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7 thoughts on “What Is Your English Goal?”

  1. Do english class once a week and everyday read loud two pages of a book wrote in english without read twice to understand witthin ninety days. (By July 13)

  2. My English goal is in one year talk a fluently conversation with another person. Also, to write and read.

  3. I want improve my English level from basic to advanced according to Say Hey’s evaluations by March 2021.

  4. Read and watch interviews of NFL players in English without subtitles when the regular season starts in 101 days. (by september 3)

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