Why Are You Learning English?

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Why are you learning English? Everybody has a different answer. Some of the most common answers are to achieve a higher paying job, make more friends when traveling, or to better enjoy English movies and music.

Remember, you must connect a “why” to your learning and studying. Your “why” will give you motivation to continue learning English when things get hard and challenging!

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Why Are You Learning English?

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  1. DeidadRosmarie Martinez

    Because English is a universal language and through English I can meet people and others cultures too

  2. Apart from being considered as a basic requirement these days, learn english opens the doors to a wide unexplorable world full of different perspectives, information and opportunities. As a consequence, those who domain the language can take part of it. That’s what motivates me to learn English everyday.

  3. I want to learn English because, I will have new experiences in all world. This will open so much doors for me, and also will be very good to my future carrier.

  4. Because learning language increase our knowledge. Speaking a new language discover us a new culture. I want to meet cultures as many as posible.

  5. Marcel Vernis Bassas

    Because learning language increase our knowledge. Speaking a new language discover us a new culture. I want to meet cultures as many as posible.

  6. Marcel Vernis Bassas

    400 million people around the world speak English as their first language. Not only that, but English is listed as one of the official languages in more than a quarter of the countries in the world. That’s a lot of new people you can communicate with just by improving one language!

  7. I wanna learning english because this way i can meet new people and i always liked it.. When i travel to portugal and spain i met some people that speak english just english and i try speak with them but i stay nervous and i cannot speak with them and this way i wanna lear english and meet new people..

  8. I want to learn English because I want to apply to an scholarship in an English country and I think that this idiom can help me to interact with all the world and it’s very useful to meet new business partners or friends.

  9. My why is the most simple why ever
    I was 8 yo and I got my PS2, however, back then, there weren’t translations.
    And I couldn’t finish the quests and ultimately, the game, without understanding what was being requested.
    So I dedicated to learn English, as a child, just to play video games.
    And people say, games doesn’t take anyone, anywhere.
    Well, it got me to learn English, and fell in love with languages in general.
    Today I’m studying, Japanese and German

  10. First of all, there is a lot of entertainment everywhere like songs, movies, books, toys and all of these things have English in some way. Watch interviews from idols that you like wouldn’t be awesome? Have a better opportunity in our career, traveling to new countries and get to know a new culture, make new friends from all of the worlds, anyway, connect and open the door to a new life. That’s the way I feel when I’m learning English, but of course, I have a path to follow, and my main goal is to be able to communicate basic English without making a lot of effort.

  11. I want to learn English because it is very important for my knowledge, professional and the communication oral and written.
    If I speak English I can talk with different people, listen to music, watch movies.
    Also is very important when I am traveling to know interesting places.
    Is an opportunity to know another culture, get a better job and make some friends.

  12. I am learning English because in my work I need to speak with people of other countries and I want to fell more relaxed when I see a movie in English or to speak with English speakers
    This is important to me because I hope more independent in situation when I speak with another people out of my country.

  13. I am learning english because i want to have a large vocabulary to build a smart arguments and to make big deals.

  14. I am learning english because speaking english opens up a world of possibilities, knowledge and more entertainment.
    This is important to me because I want to enjoy watching sports and movies in english.

  15. I’m learning English because it’s necessary to Travel alone and meet other people. This is important to me because I want to know other countries and cultures.

  16. Guilherme Tavares

    I’m learning English, cause I like the language and I want to travel into the world to learn about cultures and as language as I can. So English will be the first

  17. I’m learning English because is very important to communicate and socializing with people.
    Speak English is an opportunity getting new job prospects, new possibilities to travel and making friends.


    I want to improve my English because I want to be confident when speaking with a native speaker on any topic in a clean manner, and so widen my network around the World and also improve my professional life

  19. I am learning English because I want to be secure and confident speak English to get a job in EEUU Company.
    This is import to me because I need to open news opportunities to job in big companies of tech

  20. It is important to me because I need to communicate with my colleagues and explain myself when I have a problem or am blocked on a task. I also want to raise my level to earn a best salary

  21. I’m learning English because I feel kind frustrated when I want to understand something that I’m listen to or reading, or when I want to communicate with somebody but I can’t do it in a proper way. When it becomes naturally you must feel way better

  22. That’s a good point Rodrigo. I remember when I was first learning Spanish, it was really frustrating not being able to participate in group conversations. Now that I’m on the other side, it’s so much more fun hanging out in a group.

  23. I am learning English because I want to feel confident when I speak English, Currently I work in IT industry in the field of Data, all the days I see great opportunities to increase my salary and develop my profile, but the English is the obstacle for me, I need to improve my English level to overcome it.

    This is import to me because I need to accept the opportunities that the headhunters offer to me to archive a new higher pay job.

    1. Tom from Say Hey

      You want to feel confident speaking English Carlos? That’s a great goal to work towards.

      As you know, English is extremely important in IT!

  24. I am learning English because I want to show my skills in android development to companies outside Mexico, This is important to me because I have a long goal which is get a job in a big tech so I working on that, I have the technical skills done and now I need to improve my English Skill to be prepared when the opportunity comes.

    1. Tom from Say Hey

      It sounds like Enrique you want to be prepared when the next opportunity comes for you to work in big tech. Speaking English fluently will definitely help you in achieving that goal!

      I’m happy Enrique that you’re trusting our program to help you accomplish this. 👍

  25. This is important to me because I want to obtain a new and better job opportunity to continue growing professionally and personally

    1. Tom from Say Hey

      That’s awesome Erick! Learning English can definitely help you grow professionally and personally

  26. I am improving my English skills because I want (and need) not only to pass a technical interview with an American company, but also feel more confident when interacting with other English speakers (i.e. teammates) during day to day. Recently I was rejected from two companies due to my lack of fluidity, so I want to change this.

    1. Thanks for sharing Felipe! That’s an excellent “why”. I know it can be hard to be rejected for lack of fluency in English interviews, but I know you will do better next time.

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